NeoWorld is a multiplayer online virtual world that runs on blockchain. Here in the 3D virtual environment, players explore new frontiers, create skylines, pursue careers and build wealth, legends and legacies from scratch, just like in the real world. NeoWorld is a social platform where players could not only chat and have fun, but also establish an amazing network of business or personal connections, maybe even forge a community and run for election! Take part in a campaign and be the Lord of your continent.

Features : 

NeoWorld has introduced an Ethereum based token to falicilitate trades and activities in the virtual world, with a complex economic model supporting it.

– First MMO-Virtual World
NeoWorld provides an immersive and highly real virtual world where users interactive seemlessly with each other, offering an experience unparalleled by simple blockchain games or standalone sandbox games.

– Self Governance by Users
NeoWorld’s virtual world is created and owned by millions of users collectively. Users have the absolute autonomy to decide on the rules in the virtual world and achieve self governance.

– Disruptive Business Model
NeoWorld does not sell any virtual items to its users for profits. Its developer team encourages trades and business activities amongst users, and charges transaction fees as means to support its operations.

Compared to traditional sandbox games, NeoWorld focues on users experience and sets no barries for users to learn. Social interactions and managing businesses are the key themes in the NeoWorld virtual world, giving rise to unlimited possibilities to creative-minded users.

– Build and Operate
Land parcels are fundamental to the NeoWorld. Player can construct buildings on the land to increase the value of their land, and garner attention from the virtual world. Over time, as the land prosper, more constructions like tourist attractions or miracles can be built to further enhance the value of the land.

– Collect and Work
Regardless an user’s wealth in the NeoWorld, he will be able to enjoy the virtual world experience as any other player. In the journey, he is able to collect materials necessary for construction of buildings, and offer his labour and time to others in exchange for NASH. Skillsets come into play if an user wishes to excell in a trade.

– Collaborate and Promote
In the Silver Age, users could develop contents, e.g. artistic decorations, architectual designs, music and paintings, and sell them for income. Advanced users could organise resources to develop complex businesses, e.g. advertising, exchanges, or anything with commercial value. Let’s growth a business empire!

– Avatar and Transport
Like in the real world, a Neoworld resident has his own avatar to reify his actions and represent his identiy. Similarly, NeoWorld has introduced the concept of distance. Residents could walk from one land parcel to another, or take the public transport, or hop on the private vehicle to start a journey!

– Self-governance
NeoWorld continents are regulated by the lord and its committee, elected by the residents of each continent. Continents compete for population, job opportunities and economic growth. Friendly ties between continents will ensure mutually beneficial businesses, or a trade war is imminent.

– User Generated Contents
Users of NeoWorld could design and contribute contents to the virtual world, e.g. designing a new theatre, decorate it and hire comedians to perform, and sell tickets! User generated contents will be reviewed and approved by the community, and content contributors will get rewarded generously.

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