Lynx Wallet(ANDROID)

Lynx Wallet the first EOS wallet built for everyday use. It features in-app account creation, resource and token management, and dapp exploration.

Create an account in seconds or import any existing account into Lynx using your private key. All private keys are encrypted and decrypted using a PIN (or fingerprint) set by the user. It’s a non-custodial, safe approach backed by the EOS Block Producer App Coalition.

Great User Experience
– Everybody loves the clean, simplified Lynx UX.

Safe & Secure
– We don’t store your keys, or track your data.

Integrated App Store
– Explore crypto applications with just one click.

– Play fast paced games with other users or stake your tokens on decentralized casinos.

Token Exchanges
– Easily trade between tokens and participate in token projects.

Digital Goods
– Lynx is actively defining the future of digital goods trading.

– You control your keys. Desktop app features 2FA support with Google Authenticator or Authy.

– Lynx supports EOS, Telos and BOS blockchains with more to come, including our own LynxChain.

Intuitive Design
– The highly honed, polished user experience is what makes EOS Lynx the crowd favorite.

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