An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy, Hash Rush sees players build, fight and trade their way to victory as they grow and manage their small mining colony, battle monsters and trade valuable items and resources. Tasked with accumulating the sought-after Crypto Crystals on their planet, successful players will earn themselves Ethereum as well as in-game items, bonuses and other prizes.

Features : 

Build your base and strengthen your colony as you defend yourself and your Crypto Crystals from an increasing threat.

Tap into mystical crypto veins and extract the valuable Crypto Crystals to progress up the leaderboard and earn real crypto rewards.

With our player-fuelled economy you can buy and sell both quest and reward pool prizes with other players for Rush Coin.

In Hash Rush, players can earn Cryptocurrency by taking part in the Bounty Campaigns that challenges them to mine as many Crystals as possible.

In-game items will be powered by the ERC721 (NFT) tokens giving players real ownership of their item collection, and the freedom to do what they want with them.

Download & Installation instructions : 
– Open the “Play on web” link
– Register an account
– Check your email and verify your registration
– Navigate to the profile page and download the client
– Run the client to install Hash Rush

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