Gods Unchained is a turn based competitive trading card game. Each match is a 1v1 battle against another player (or computer). The goal of the game is to reduce your opponent’s life to zero. Players use their collection to build decks of cards, and select a God to play with at the start of each match. Decks contain exactly 30 cards.

It is free to play the game, with a core non-tradable set of cards to unlock, as well as access to the weekly free rotation. You cannot lose any cards by playing the game.


– Card Types
In a game, each player takes turns to make their moves, first receiving mana (a regenerative resource) and drawing cards, and then using that mana to play those cards.
Cards can be creatures, spells, weapons, or special God cards. Players also have access to a God Power, which can be used once per turn, except for Ultimates which can only be used once per game.

– Using your cards
In the top left corner of each card is its mana cost. If the card is a creature, it will have yellow and green gems in the lower corners. The number on the yellow gem is its Attack , which shows how much damage it does when it attacks. The number on the green gem is creature’s Health, which show how much damage it can take before it is destroyed, and enters the Void. Most creatures also have text on them which also defines special rules related to that card.

– Spells and Weapons
Cards which do not have yellow or green gems, are spells or weapons. When a spell is played, its effect activates immediately.
Weapons are equipped by your God when the card is played. They allow your god to attack dealing the Attack damage, until the weapon’s durability is zero and it breaks.

At the start of a game in Gods Unchained, each player has a choice of God Powers. Each God has three regular and one Ultimate Power to choose from. The Ultimate Power is a single use ability with a powerful effect.
These powers help players to be more flexible when deck building. They also reduce the frustration of building decks specifically to counter an annoying deck in the meta (and never actually matching up against it). A selection of powers increases the depth of strategy per deck.
E.g. when playing a combo focused Magic deck, you could choose to adopt a defensive strategy and God Power if you match up against a War deck. Alternatively, if you were to match up against a Death opponent, you could shift to a more aggressive playstyle.
There’s also mind game potential to building a deck outside of what your god excels at. You could make a War deck that’s very slow and controlling, as opposed to their typical aggressive style. Your opponents might pick the wrong God Power for the match up, giving you the advantage.

– Keywords
The effects of keywords are quite specific, and designed to promote engaging and strategic gameplay.

In Gods Unchained, when a creature dies, it moves to the Void. This includes token creatures and creatures you discard. The only exemptions to this are creatures which are “Obliterated”.
Obliterated creatures have their very soul destroyed and are removed from the game. This is important to consider when facing off against some decks that use creatures in the Void to their advantage. Cards like Half Life and The Gatekeeper can allow creatures to cross back from the Void into the game, and give perceptive players the ability to throw a wrench in the works of their opponents plan.

– Limited Battle Royale
The Battle Royale mode in Gods Unchained is our limited format. A Royale starts with many players choosing fifteen cards for their deck, from their collection, the free to play rotation, and a random selection of cards. The winner of each match gets to loot a few cards from the opponent’s deck for the rest of the royale.
As you progress to the round of 16 and 8, more twists and turns await. You’ll need to augment your hand with additional skills, so think carefully about your choices. This continues until only one player remains. Prizes are awarded based on how far you made it, even a top 8 finish can be impressive. Every account will get one free entry into a Royale every day.

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